Soil-Properties Improvement

You may be blessed with perfect soil. Most of us, however, have soil that’s less than ideal. If your soil has too much clay, is too sandy, too rocky, or too acidic, don’t despair. Accuro’s all-natural non-toxic soil amendments have been carefully formulated to turn poor soil into plant-friendly soil, improve water retention, drainage, aeration, and more.


A plant that’s deficient in minerals (due to soil that’s out of balance) is an environment where blight, rust, root disease, soil-born insects, and other infections can thrive. ECO PLUS can be applied to seed, soil or foliage to protect against a range of infections that destroy millions of acres of crops, vegetables, trees, and plants of all kinds. Made from natural and renewable materials, ECO PLUS promotes a defense reaction before many spores, nematodes, soil-borne insects, root rot, bud rot, fungus, bacterial infections, and other plant diseases can even begin to take hold. It makes nutrients immediately and easily available to plants, while preventing them from leaching into groundwater. It increases the soil’s water-holding capacity, reducing irrigation requirements for field crops and turf and helping plants endure stressful drought conditions —all of which helps improve root mass, crop yields, plant quality, and more.

ION for Soil

Soil compaction due to farm equipment traffic, foot traffic, and clay layers all decrease or prevent water movement in the soil. ION for Soil penetrates soil crusts and clay to improve soil health, decrease soil alkalinity, and help plants flourish with excellent drainage. It prevents soil clumping, enables faster seed emergence, and allows sandy soils to hold more water in the plant root system. Ideal for croplands, fields and residential yards, it even helps landscapes like golf courses eliminate standing water. Ion for soil meets all standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Our products

Insect Control

Accuro organic insect control products repel harmful pests without damaging the soil or poisoning our valuable pollinators.

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Weed Control

Accuro herbicide formulations help control weeds, enabling Mother Earth to do what she does best.

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Soil Nutrition

Accuro sustainable, all-natural, nontoxic fertilizers are superior to traditional fertilizers in many ways.

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Soil Properties Improvement

Accuro soil amendments turn poor soil into plant-friendly soil, improve water retention, drainage, aeration, and more.

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Disease Control

Accuro disease control products help fight bacterial diseases, like citrus greening, fire blight, and leaf spot.

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Grow Towers

Accuro vertical stacking garden system is ideal for commercial growers, school gardens, greenhouses and home gardeners.

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