Soil Nutrition

Accuro Organics’ sustainable, all-natural nontoxic fertilizers are superior to traditional fertilizers in many ways. Studies have shown that soil treated with our fertilizers produce crops with a more balanced and complete nutritional profile, a higher Brix/sugar content, better plant and soil disease resistance, and a higher yield.


HayGraze contains a complete set of nutrients and the microbiology required to help pastures grow more grass with more TDN for livestock—and do it more sustainability and less expensively than with chemical inputs. HayGraze can be used on any type of pasture grass, and there’s no re-entry time restriction for animals. Because it’s non-toxic and made from all-natural ingredients, it’s even safe to apply when livestock is are present.

In hay production pastures, apply HayGraze before the growing season, after cutting, and again after the final cutting of the year. In many ways, the final application, before winter sets in, is the most important. The microbiology in HayGraze does much of its work digesting residue, dead plant material, and thatch as the pasture lays dormant. The microbes then recycle the nitrogen and nutrients in the residue and deliver them to the grass, alfalfa, clover or other groundcover in the spring. This recycling can provide from 60 to 90 pounds of nitrogen per acre, along with phosphorus and other essential nutrients.


ThermalFuse is unlike any other fertilizer. It’s made using perfectly balanced levels of clean and green nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium all produced from the purest, highest quality materials–without heavy metals, salts, and acids that destroy critical soil microbiology. Our proprietary formulation makes nutrients totally available to plants in any type of soil, meaning dispersion into groundwater, rivers, lakes, and oceans during and after application is significantly reduced or totally eliminated. Plants and crops grown with ThermalFuse also have deeper root systems, and are mineralized, healthier, and more resistant to infestations. Additionally, ThermalFuse decreases water usage, because it nourishes and replenishes the soil instead of depleting it with harmful acids and salts found in most fertilizers.


MineralPlex replenishes essential elements and micronutrients in plants and soils that have been depleted by over-farming, chemical use, or environmental conditions, ensuring correct nitrogen uptake, rich green color, and added resistance to disease. In addition, our proprietary organic-chelating process (versus conventional synthetic, manmade chelating) creates a superior delivery system for critical minerals, resulting in increased energy, growth, density, weight, yield, and—for fruits and vegetables—shelf life, visual appeal, and taste. It’s ideal for farm, greenhouse, and residential applications.


Many commercial fertilizers damage, or even sterilize the soil. Total, on the other hand, not only fertilizes, it also reverses soil degradation by reintroducing beneficial organisms and increasing the nutrient-storage mechanisms in soil. When soil is properly balanced, microbes work underground for the benefit of plants, and the plants feeds them in return. Increased beneficial biological activity in the soil results in healthier plants, higher yields, and improved resistance to pests and disease. Total is great for use on fruit, vegetables, turf, potted plants, trees, shrubs and foliage, grain and row crops. It’s effective in any soil and is easily applied with all types of sprayers and irrigation systems. Plants will show the positive effects of Total within a few days.

Total Plus

Total Plus is great for anyone who wants to grow plants and crops naturally without having to meet the strict requirements of “certified organic” status. Total Plus contains the same beneficial soil bacteria, fungi, and essential major- and micro- nutrients found in our original Total formula, plus an added kick of clean, feed-grade, slow-release nitrogen for an optimized soil ecosystem. It not only replenishes and balances soil for high yields and sustainability, it also strengthens plants’ resistance to disease and pathogens. Total Plus is easily applied with all types of sprayers and irrigation systems or equipment.

Our products

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Accuro organic insect control products repel harmful pests without damaging the soil or poisoning our valuable pollinators.

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Soil Nutrition

Accuro sustainable, all-natural, nontoxic fertilizers are superior to traditional fertilizers in many ways.

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Soil Properties Improvement

Accuro soil amendments turn poor soil into plant-friendly soil, improve water retention, drainage, aeration, and more.

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Disease Control

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Grow Towers

Accuro vertical stacking garden system is ideal for commercial growers, school gardens, greenhouses and home gardeners.

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