Grow Towers: Bring it all inside.

Our vertical stacking gardening system is ideal for commercial growers, greenhouses, school gardens and home gardens alike. The highest quality growing stackers available, they’re easy to assemble and operate, and work almost anywhere as a soil-based or hydroponics growing system. And because they’re completely bio-degradable, they protect Mother Earth from start to finish.

Our products

Insect Control

Accuro organic insect control products repel harmful pests without damaging the soil or poisoning our valuable pollinators.

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Weed Control

Accuro herbicide formulations help control weeds, enabling Mother Earth to do what she does best.

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Soil Nutrition

Accuro sustainable, all-natural, nontoxic fertilizers are superior to traditional fertilizers in many ways.

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Soil Properties Improvement

Accuro soil amendments turn poor soil into plant-friendly soil, improve water retention, drainage, aeration, and more.

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Disease Control

Accuro disease control products help fight bacterial diseases, like citrus greening, fire blight, and leaf spot.

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Grow Towers

Accuro vertical stacking garden system is ideal for commercial growers, school gardens, greenhouses and home gardeners.

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