Our values
“ To take care of... to attend to...
to perform with care.”

"To take care of... to attend to... to perform with care." That’s the definition of the Latin word “accuro”—
and the commitment made by Accuro Organics to Mother Earth.

Ours is not just a business venture. We foster economic growth through organic agriculture. We are environmental stewards—the pursuit of a strong personal interest shared by every member of our team. We are making a measurable difference in reversing the chemical poisoning of our land and water resources with a comprehensive line of proven organic soil amendments, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Our Partners

Accuro AgriServices, our manufacturing partner, is helping to develop and manufacture products that restore balance to the soil. Their philosophy is that Healthier Soil equals Healthier Lives.

Accuro Organics is certified as a minority-owned business enterprise by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.

The USCDC is Accuro’s educational services partner. It provides financial and technical resources to help support our community educational initiatives.


We think Accuro’s products are a great
alternative to current products on the market
that are losing their efficiency and potency due to chemical resistance.

Mike Lamborn,
DFA Grazing and Organics

Our mission is to support firms like Accuro Organics to build our communities through hands-on learning and apprentice environments.

Roland Castaneda,
President, US Community Development Corp