Our products

Insect Control

Accuro organic insect control products repel harmful pests without damaging the soil or poisoning our valuable pollinators.

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Weed Control

Accuro herbicide formulations help control weeds, enabling Mother Earth to do what she does best.

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Soil Nutrition

Accuro sustainable, all-natural, nontoxic fertilizers are superior to traditional fertilizers in many ways.

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Soil Properties Improvement

Accuro soil amendments turn poor soil into plant-friendly soil, improve water retention, drainage, aeration, and more.

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Disease Control

Accuro disease control products help fight bacterial diseases, like citrus greening, fire blight, and leaf spot.

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Grow Towers

Accuro vertical stacking garden system is ideal for commercial growers, school gardens, greenhouses and home gardeners.

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Accuro is an international distributor of
high-quality, non-toxic, organic agricultural products

100% organic quality

Our all-natural, non-toxic, pollinator-friendly products fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows—from organic and conventional farms, to hay and crop pastures, gardens, and greenhouses.

Proven results

For more than two decades, Accuro’s manufacturer has developed nontoxic product solutions to suit almost any environmental need. Addressing the challenges faced by agricultural farmers throughout the world—such as the greening of citrus trees in Florida—has led to remarkable custom-blended formulations.

Advanced biotechnology

Using the latest in biotechnology, our products combine ingredients like botanicals, ocean-harvested fish and sea plants, fermented complex sugars, organic carbons, clean offal, bacteria, enzymes, and minerals with special chelators and catalysts.

It’s critical we disrupt poisoning our pollinators, water, and lands when we have cost effective, responsible and sustainable agricultural and horticultural solutions.

Dora O. Tovar - Managing Partner, Accuro Organics, LLC